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New Horizons

Providing a new beginning for retired racehorses and other horses in transition through our New Horizons retraining and re-homing program.

Our Programs

New Horizons

New Horizons

Providing a new beginning for retired racehorses and other horses in transition through our New Horizons retraining and re-homing program.

Industry Collaboration

Industry Collaboration

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New Horizons, our Transition Horse Program, is a proud ASPCA Right Horse Industry Partner committed to making a difference in the lives of retired racehorses (aka off-the-track Thoroughbreds or OTTBs) and other horses in transition. At New Horizons, we are dedicated to their retraining and re-homing, offering these remarkable horses a second chance at a fulfilling life.

In collaboration with ASPCA Right Horse Adoption Partners, including Win Place Home, we offer these horses in transition a second chance, enabling them to actively participate in our vocational horsemanship and equine-assisted programs as we prepare them for new careers. We recognize the shared journey of transition that both our equine partners and the at-risk groups we work with experience, and through this program, we aim to provide these horses with a second chance while contributing to the healing and empowerment of our participants.

Retired racehorse Benedict looks out from round pen

Adopt A Horse

All of our New Horizons horses are available for adoption. Each of these horses undergoes extensive ground manners training and desensitizing, ensuring they are safer and more adoptable. Explore the profiles of our available horses below. We’ll have videos and more information soon.

For inquiries about the adoption process or any of our available horses, please contact Simon at 805-325-8789 or via email.

Took - 2015 retired racehorse available for adoption


2015 Thoroughbred gelding. 15.3 hh. Bay.

Adoption Fee: $ 2,500

Meet Took (aka Noivo), the Irish sensation born on March 25, 2015, in the land of shamrocks ☘️. With a successful racing career that ended in 2019 due to a pelvic fracture, Took’s journey led him to the remarkable Kingfisher Farms in Solvang, where he received expert rehabilitation and training. Today, Took is fully healed and has no limitations. He spent several years as a seasoned trail horse, but when his owner passed away, he found his way back to Win Place Home.

Took possesses a solid mind and level head, making him an excellent trail horse. His talents extend beyond the trails—he’s a delightful mover with potential in dressage, Western or English pleasure, or as a low-level hunter/jumper. Yet, what truly sets Took apart is his delightful personality. He’s a joy to work with and has earned a special place in the hearts of everyone in our program. Fun, cuddly (he loves taking selfies), and intelligent, Took is more than just a horse; he’s a gateway to a world of potential adventures. Welcome Took into your life, and you’ll gain not just a companion but a cherished partner for life’s equestrian journeys.

Gondor - 2015 retired racehorse available for adoption


2015 Thoroughbred gelding. 16 hh. Gray.

Adoption Fee: $ 1,200

Meet Gondor (aka Nico Ex), a gentle soul with a heart of gold. This sweet-natured retired racehorse was born on February 20, 2015. While Gondor was trained for racing, he never competed due to his lack of interest. In 2019, he embarked on a new adventure as a hunter/jumper but returned to Win Place Home due to a neurological issue causing occasional stumbling.

While this makes him unsafe in a competitive/fast-paced environment, Gondor is still able to be ridden in a low-stress environment. What truly makes Gondor special is his unwavering temperament. He radiates kindness and patience, making him an ideal trail, companion, or therapy horse. Whether you’re seeking a calming presence in your life, or a new family member for pony painting and rides around the arena with your kids/grandkids, Gondor fits the bill. He possesses lovely, graceful movement and a level head, making him a versatile equine partner. He is not just an easy keeper; he thrives in a herd environment and enjoys the companionship of his fellow equines. Don’t miss the chance to welcome this loveable soul into your family. Gondor is an invitation to a world filled with love and equine adventures.

Buckbeak - 2018 retired racehorse available for adoption


2018 Thoroughbred gelding. 16.1 hh. Dark Bay.

Adoption Fee: $ 1,200

Meet Buckbeak (aka Eagle in the Sky). This gentle giant, born on March 19, 2018, embodies a world of promise and potential for your equine journey. While he once graced the racetrack, Buckbeak’s retirement was prompted by a tendon issue that is now fully healed, opening the door to a new chapter in his life.

Buckbeak is a horse with a unique and endearing personality. He possesses a strong desire to connect with his human companions and has matured into a horse that is both willing and sweet-natured, ready to form a special bond with his future owner. He seeks a loving home that can guide him on this exciting journey of growth.

Buckbeak presents a versatile prospect for various disciplines, whether you’d like to bring along a horse for dressage, low-level hunter/jumper, leisurely or competitive trail, or pleasure (Western or English). With Buckbeak, you’re welcoming a devoted companion eager to please and embark on new adventures. His adaptable nature makes him an ideal match for those looking to bring along a new equine partner.

Benedict - 2016 retired racehorse available for adoption


2016 Thoroughbred gelding. 15.3 hh. Bay.

Adoption Fee: $ 1,200

Meet Benedict, a charismatic equine personality born on February 16, 2016 to an Irish dam. While he briefly graced the racetrack, Benedict’s story took an unexpected turn when he had two screws put in his left hind to repair a condylar fracture in January 2021. He’s fully healed and is ready to embark on a new adventure. This spirited fellow is anything but ordinary. Benedict is highly communicative and possesses an eagerness for human interaction. He can have a feisty and pushy side, but these traits can be channeled positively with the right approach. Benedict thrives with a patient, confident, and experienced handler who practices positive reinforcement training.

Benedict is a challenge worth embracing, and his intelligence and willingness, when harnessed correctly, can lead to a truly rewarding partnership. We’re seeking a special home with the heart and space to nurture Benedict’s potential, whether you’re looking to train a trail companion or simply share your life with a horse that craves connection and purpose. If you’re up for the adventure and ready to build a unique bond with Benedict, he’s waiting to join you on a path filled with endless possibilities.

Everett - 2019 retired racehorse available for adoption


2019 Thoroughbred gelding. 16.2 hh. Bay.

Adoption Fee: $ 2,500

Meet Everett, a rising star born on April 28, 2019, whose journey in the world of racing began in 2022. While he had to end his racing career due to a knee chip, there are no limitations to his potential. Everett underwent surgery, and within just two months, he was back on his feet, fully healed and ready to embrace new opportunities. This magnificent horse is not just beautiful and flashy; he exudes a sweet-tempered and gentle nature that makes him a joy to be around. Everett already boasts impressive ground manners and a commendable work ethic. His graceful movement and high intelligence set him apart as a promising prospect for any discipline.

As he embarks on his training in our program, Everett is already proving himself to be a willing and quick learner, eager to soak up new knowledge. While his journey is just beginning, he’s a blank slate filled with potential, showing promise for a future in various equine disciplines. With Everett, you’re not just getting a horse; you’re gaining a partner with the right blend of beauty, brains, and heart. If you’re seeking a horse ready to embark on a versatile equestrian adventure, Everett is the perfect canvas for your dreams. Watch as he evolves and thrives in the discipline of your choice.

Hudson - 2015 Quarter Horse available for adoption


2015 Quarter Horse gelding. 15.3 hh. Dun.

Adoption Fee: TBA

Hudson, a registered AQHA Quarter Horse, was born on April 5, 2015. His classic, muscular physique is complemented by a gentle disposition and an affectionate personality that captures hearts. Hudson is a true standout in our program, not only for his endearing character but also for his remarkable skill set. He comes to us with extensive Western training, showcasing his high responsiveness and exceptional handling skills. His repertoire includes the ability to stop on a dime, perform seamless side passes, expertly work gates, execute forehand and hind-end turns with finesse, and back up gracefully. Hudson’s cooperative nature shines whether you’re embarking on a solo ride or enjoying the company of a group.

As Hudson has recently become a member of our program, he is on a journey of transformation. We are committed to helping him reach peak condition through a comprehensive fitness regimen and the refinement of both his ground manners and ridden training. It’s an exciting process, and we anticipate that Hudson will be ready for adoption around February/March 2024. This affable and skilled equine is sure to find a loving home, and we can’t wait to see him thrive in his new chapter.

Ready to Start Your Adoption Journey?

Ready to Start Your Adoption Journey?

Experience the fulfillment of adopting a retired racehorse through our New Horizons program, supported by the ASPCA’s Right Horse Initiative and their Adoption Partners. Embrace the opportunity to provide a bright future for these remarkable equines.